Magicians for hire in Cape Town

Magicians for hire in Cape Town, South Africa will astound you. Here we have magical entertainment including corporate magic shows, magicians for birthday parties and magic for kids or adults. We have some of the very finest magical talent for hire so you can be certain of a class act.

You have an amazing choice of magic shows and performances to suit your budget.

Here is where you will find the cream of the crop of South African magicians.

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Mystifying Magic - African style

African Magician

Talented black magician hailing from Khayelitsha whose biggest success was producing his own one man stand show - a sell out at the College of Magic Theatre. Show also entertained people at 2015 National Arts Festival

Mystifying comedy magician & MC, He has appeared regularly at popular entertainment venues in the Cape.

This young Magician gave up soccer for magic and has performed for audiences in Las Vegas and Shanghai.

An award winning illusionist, he represented SA at World Magic seminar in 2008 and performed at the International Magic Championship in 2013

Awards include Western Cape Magic Championships, College Of Magic Student of the Year, Entertaining Magic Act of the Year, Silver Medal Winner

Corporate Magic Shows & Humour

African Magician
He has been a professional entertainer since 1984 & has worked on cruise liners that have taken him all over the world. From performances at the Super Bowl, Extravaganzas & numerous corporate and product launches, his brand of English & Afrikaans Magic & Comedy has always been well received.

Ernie Els' Golf Day at Fancort, The Million Dollar Golf Challenge at Sun City and Thunder in Africa with Lennox Lewis are just a few magical memories.

In 1991 the Oceanos sank off the Wild Coast. This brave magician and a group of cruise staff and entertainers took over the rescue operations on board, when most officers and crew took to the lifeboats.

He took over the bridge to maintain contact with the SADF, and not a single life was lost. The SA Magic Council struck a medal in his honour inscribed, "...for bravery and outstanding service to magic," and he was awarded the Heroism and Patriot award from the Society of American Magicians. He was the first non-American to receive this award.

In 1994 it all happened again, this time on the Achille Lauro. Four lives were lost on this day but he and the entertainers played a major role during this drama. After drifting for several hours in life rafts off the Somali Coast, they were rescued by ships that had responded to the Mayday.

When the Island of St Helena celebrated its 500 years, he was on the RMS to entertain guests and Islanders with Magic - and Golf which is probably funnier!

Besides the show, he has also performed for companies and schools doing a video presentation of the shipping drama. It is an insight on the two events and he takes the audience through the unfolding footage, which deals with issues on "working under stress, maintaining a sense of humour and the importance of teamwork."

Magic shows for kids & adults alike

African Magician

This poular magiocian has performed in ludicrously extreme places in more than 40 countries -from nightclubs in Hollywood to Theme Parks in Korea. He's even done magic inside the Pyramids of Cairo.

He's been robbed, stabbed, shot at, learned to shoot an AK47 with Warlords and child soldiers in the Congolese jungle, stolen watches from the arms of Nelson Mandela, the King of Dubai and Margaret Thatcher's without their knowing, eaten dog, monkey and snake in Asia, swum with dolphins in Mozambique, eaten fire in Edinburgh, lived with Bedouins in the deserts around Dubai, drunk vodka with Siberian soldiers, been chased down a riverbank by an angry crocodile in Central Africa, arm-wrestled a Russian Mafia boss, learned pickpocketing techniques from Algerian pickpockets, had lunch with a NASA astronaut, lived with a Mexican high-diving team in Korea, been set on fire by drug addicts in San Francisco, crowd-surfed over 500 000 people at Glastonbury Festival and been knocked unconscious by a 90 year old woman in Scotland.

TESTIMONIALS Sir Mark & Lady Margaret Thatcher "...Thank you very much for a wonderful event on New Year's Eve. As always our guests were both challenged and charmed by your talents!! With gratitude, as always..." -2008

Bernard Reid, Las Vegas, Article in Magicana Magazine "... a master at his craft...There are many secrets to being an ace performer and he seems to have mastered them all...In the many interviews that I have done over the years and the hundreds of close-up performers I have seen all over the world, he is right up there in the top five..." - 2005

SABC News International "...acknowledged as Africa's leading corporate magician, flies the world entertaining at society parties and high-end corporate events... he has performed live for well over two and a half million people... his magic has mesmerised stars like Beyonce, Sting and several Royal Families..." " - 2009

Secretary to State President Nelson Mandela ""The President would like to express his sincere gratitude to you for returning his watch."" - 1995