Be blown away

Be blown away by this super-thrilling form of entertainment for hire. Wind-driven Go-karts are small and easy to manoeuvre, and can be sailed in small urban areas. These Go-karts have hand steering and require few sail adjustments making it easy to learn to sail.

Amazing fun and very easy. Feel the rush of the wind as you zoom around a park or beach, your body barely ten centimetres off the ground and experience the thrill of speeding out of your first jibe or balancing your kart on two wheels!

A standard Wind-driven Go-kart has a steel frame with a central fibre glass mast. The sails come in different sizes matching the size with wind speed and your weight.

They need at least 5 knots of wind to get going.

Wind-driven Go-karts are safe and suitable for all ages. One or more supervisors are present at all times. Helmets are provided & seatbelts too.

A hard flat surface is best for Windkarts, tar being one of the best surfaces or hard compact sand.