Sound Advice: Tips on Caring for speakers

Sound Equipment needs to be treated with respect, but is too often neglected.

Dust often but don't spray the speaker cabinet with any spray cleaner.

Wood cabinets may be polished with a tiny amount of furniture polish and a rag.

Sprays could damage the speaker cones, screens, and plastic and electric components and ruin your sound quality.

Do not touch or bump the speaker cones. The round speaker cones are usually concealed by a screen, but can be damaged by pushing through the screen.

Touching the speaker cone itself can severely damage the speaker and sound quality

Protect your stereo and speakers from lightning strikes with a surge protector. Spikes in the electricity can damage your speakers.

Don't unplug your speakers when they are on. Make sure your system is off before you plug or unplug your speaker cables.

When you hire speakersfrom Party Pro we can assist you with setting them up and looking after them.