Sound Hire & Lighting Hire

Sound hire & lighting hire solutions for parties, conferences, promotions, weddings, award ceremonies, New Year Parties, and various corporate events.

Party Pro hires out quality sound equipment as well as the personnel to operate sound systems and we have a delivery, set up & collection service.

Enquire about our Disco Sound & Lighting Package suitable for all occasions: Amplifier, Mixer,
2 Speakers, 4 Lights, Mic & Leads.

Play music from any device (iPod, Laptop, Cellphone, CD Player)

Pictures of Sound Equipment for Hire

Party Pro also specialises in hiring out sound equipment, lighting and other equipment for outdoor events, such as Floodlights and we have stages for hire.

We also have PA Systems for hire to suit any event, big or small, indoors or outdoors and hire out conference equipment such as projectors and screens and digital recorders.

Sound & Lighting Hire service excellence

We also provide sound operators and sound engineers too if needed.

Party Pro's sound & lighting equipment hire service aims to provide customers with a package tailored to suit their specific needs at a reasonable price and with excellent customer service.

We have provided services to a wide range of clients for the past 30 years and have established Party Pro as one of the leading sound & lighting hire company in Cape Town. Many of our customers come back to us year after year, trusting Party Pro to ensure their event is a success.

Advice when hiring sound from Party Pro.

Try not leaving booking sound equipment until the last moment. We check our equipment beforehand which can take some time as we are usually very busy.

Remember, the sound system can either make your event a roaring success or a disastrous flop. Make sure that you are dealing with a professional. When you hire sound, hire the best.

Even so, always check the sound equipment well before your event starts. Items can possibly take a knock during transport or setting up and wires could be loose.

It also helps to be familiar with all the knobs and buttons, the wires and the inputs and outputs so that if a problem arises during the course of your event you can deal with it promptly.

Hire the sound equipment you need

Party Pro not only guarantees superb sound quality but will also give you the proper advice and, if necessary, show you what you need to do.

When you are planning an event, think clearly about what you will need. There are many factors to consider and it is not simply a case of plugging in a speaker and popping in a CD, or just picking up and microphone and away you go.

For example, when ordering speakers bear in mind that you can only use 12-inch speakers for speeches and background music, but for disco use we strongly recommend using 15-inch speakers because with 12-inch speakers the coils cannot handle the output and will overheat, blowing the speaker. (For a disco you want more bass which 12-inch speakers can't provide).

We only hire out speakers that are brand names and which do the job, such as Fane, RCF, McKenzie, EV, etc.

Be Shure of yourself, now that's sound advice

Another piece of sound equipment that can easily cause problems is a microphone. It seems like a very simple piece of equipment but there is more to it than meets the eye.

If you are using the microphone to speak to an audience, or for singing you need to choose one that does the job properly such as the Shure SM58, a dynamic microphone which we do hire out.

It is especially suited for the above purpose unlike certain other microphones. Then there is the sensitivity of the microphone, the frequency response, impedance and other factors.

Make sure you hire the right sound equipment to get the results you expect.

Make sure you understand exactly how the equipment works, how to achieve superior sound quality and the factors that can cause a mishap are:

When you switch any equipment on or off always ensure the volume is down.

We always have the time to explain things to you and to show you how to operate the equipment.

A perfect sound & lighting package

Go for the best setup you can get. Your budget may limit you, but Party Pro is always willing to give you the best deal possible and we can often give you a special sound hire or a sound & lighting package.

That is the beauty when you hire sound equipment from us.

However, try not to cut too many corners - it's not worth sacrificing sound quality, especially if you want to impress your guests. Also, when it is a special occasion such as an anniversary or 21st Birthday, the last thing you want is for the party to be spoiled by inferior quality.

Important: Always be very Security Conscious. Ensure that whoever you put in charge of the equipment is cautious about leaving it unattended. Sound Equipment is expensive and the person hiring the equipment is liable for stolen, lost or damaged items. Also, be careful of putting drinks on or near the equipment and be careful of letting children near the equipment, unattended. You must return sound hire equipment in the same condition as you received it.

The sound hire procedure

Sound Equipment Hire procedure requires that you provide us with a copy of your ID and proof of residence such as a utility bill.

Also, if a booking is late we require the full amount in cash to secure the booking for sure. This is because of written agreements often not being met.

It is advisable to always allow enough time when planning your event to avoid disappointment. Our prices are reasonable and our service and reputation is first-class, having been established in Cape Town since 1982.

So, when it comes to sound hire, dealing with Party Pro is the best decision you can make.

Sound Equipment Hire Tips

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