Parachute Rocket Ride

Party Pro has much to offer in the way of inflatable fun equipment for hire.

The inflatable ride called the Parachute Rocket is one of our most popular rides and the children go crazy for it.

Children or young Adults climb into the Parachute Rocket and get into the seats when it's in a deflated position. The door closes and they get lifted up into the air to almost 9 metres.

When they reach the top the door is opened, all the air escapes and they come! It's very safe and children absolutely love this. The space required is 6m x 6m & 10m in height.

The Parachute Rocket Ride is suitable for all ages but has a weight limit. This is one item you should not leave off your list of fun equipment for school fun days, family days, carnivals, funfairs & festivals.

36 square metres (6m x 6m)
7metres High
6 people at a time
Maximum weight per person is 60 kg