PA Systems in Cape Town

Party Pro offers very affordable PA systems for hire with several package options to suit your budget and which can be tailored to suit your specific event.

You can choose to hire a basic PA system consisting of 2 speakers, amplifier, mixer, and a microphone on stand, or a bigger system with 4 speakers or more if needed, and the choice of including a cordless microphone.

If your budget is enough then consider hiring the PA system with a sound operator who will take care of everything and ensure your event runs smoothly.

We recommend a PA system with operator for promotions, open days and other important functions.

We require a refundable deposit for dry hire of a PA system.

We also offer a delivery and set up service and are always happy to answer any technical questions and to offer advice.

We have a long track record of reliability (the SA Law School used Party Pro for their annual graduation ceremony since 2002) and efficient service combined with reasonable prices and quality equipment.

Advice on using a microphone with your PA system

The microphone is an essential part of an overall PA system and can make or break the system.

Using a microphone is not actually as simple as looks and it often happens that someone handling a microphone gets a fright when a screeching, high-pitched noise comes out or a speaker's voice sounds terrible or the classic case of no sound at all.

The first thing is to make sure the microphone is on before speaking. That will take care of the no sound at all problem.

A microphone has switch on the side. when the switch is down the microphone is off. To switch it on push the switch all the way to the top.

Then it is important to get the distance right. Try place the microphone close to the sound source but not too close or else you may experience distortion.

Try to hold the mic approximately 3 to 5 centimetres from your mouth.

Speak loud enough to hear yourself over the speakers.

Never point a microphone at a speaker - this results in feedback which can also happen when you grasp hold a microphone too near the top.

Do not put a mic down while it is still on.

Mount your mic properly for best results. It should be positioned correctly and face the right way.

Try to make sure it can be repositioned if necessary and protect it from unwanted sound sources.Lay the cables so that people don't trip over them.

If you need to be able to listen and talk, use a headset which is also ideal for moving around and using your hands.

Or use a Lavalier,known as a lapel mic or lav, attached to your clothing - preferrably on the lapel.

This eliminates the need for microphone technique.

Quality microphones are provided with PA systems hired from Party Pro.