Mini Trains for hire

We offer fantastic choices when it comes to hiring Mini Trains for fun days, festivals, birthday parties and other events.

You can hire a Mini Train for indoor or outdoor functions and also have the choice of various Mini Trains including the 18-seater Thomas Train (middle of 1st row) which is a free-running train (no tracks). Two or three parents (depending on weight) can ride with their kids making it the ideal family fun ride.

It runs on petrol and comes with a driver.

We also offer the very popular battery-operated Thomas Train on tracks (10m x 10m - top row far right) This train has been a big attraction at birthday parties and a variety of events including festivals & fundraisers. Suitable for kids up to 6 years of age.

Bottom row: battery-operated Minitrains on tracks with a footprint of 7m x 7m and come with variety of fun-looking carriages which the kids really enjoy.

Kabouterland Preschool in Stellenbosch
Hello Party Pro,
I just want to say thank you very much, the children loved the train rides and it was a pleasure to deal with the gentleman who did the job. Our fair was a great success and the train rides was a very nice touch to the whole event.
Kind Regards
Telephone: +27(0)21 880 1043