Karaoke Hire Cape Town

DJ Stevie G does Karaoke too which consists of more than 62,500 songs covering most popular hits & classics from the 40s till the very latest & the disco set up can be included at a negotiated price depending on your needs.

You will get up to 6 microphones, including 2 cordless mics, so everyone - even the shy ones - can sing along together.

A large monitor is included for viewing words or videos.

Party Pro has done a variety of Karaoke events from kiddies parties to teen and adult parties, staff parties including Durbanville Mediclinic's nurses day, corporate promotions such as Nokia's "Remember the Lyrics" Karaoke contest and many other events.

Our Kids Karaoke includes everything from nursery rhymes to favourite pop hits - all are included and we have music videos & video clip funnies to make them laugh.

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