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Circus Acts

A variety of breathtaking, fun and awe-inspiring aerial and ground circus acts . Navigate the site using the menu above to find other circus acts such as clowns and acrobats.

Solo Trapeze Act:

Skilled circus performers treat you to an elegant, stylishly choreographed aerial act, combining strength and suppleness.

Double Trapeze:

Two girls perform spectacular choreographed moves to music.

Cloud Swing:

A soft rope suspended from two rigging points to create a u-shaped loop used for a dynamic swinging aerial act.

Triple trapeze:

Three girls perform an aerial ballet from a single suspended trapeze bar choreographed to music.


Flexible contortion movements performed on a large metal loop, high above the ground.

Comedy Acrobatic Bench Act:

The JOKA boys in a beautifully choreographed, fast paced, energetic act around a park bench

Interactive Comedy Act:

Involving two members of the audience who mimic a scene in a car.


Group juggling act combining balls, clubs, fire clubs choreographed with pyramids and acrobatics to create a classic circus atmosphere.


Dare devil act riding up and down staircase & jumping onto minitramp.

Solo juggling:

Using a combination of clubs and balls.