Acrobats for hire

Party Pro's Acrobats are performers from various countries.

They'll create something special for you - acrobatic acts that will turn your event into something no-one can forget; something unique.

Nothing else compares to the magic atmosphere the acrobats create. This is entertainment at its explosive best.

These men play with fire and tame it. They defy gravity and mock the impossible with balancing acts, human pyramids and contortion. If you want to get your audience's attention, you want maximum impact. The Party Pro Acrobats immediately get the crowd's attention and keep it.

These acrobats also have a knack of getting the crowd involved in the show. Are you going to settle for anything less than the best? We don't.

Party Pro takes entertainment to another dimension. Our passion works hand-in-hand with our professionalism. We'll craft an acrobatic show that is perfect for you.

This is about the most powerful impact you'll ever find in the shortest time possible.